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Heidi Vandenberg is a Vedic Life Coach. She has spent the last five years dedicating herself to perfecting her craft and  passion. Vedic Culture holds a special place in her heart as she responsibly and meticulously provides guidance and counseling based on your birth charts. She is as talented as she is personable, and her clientele hold her in the highest regards. Her passion is fusing real life issues seamlessly with the data she extracts from your celestial alignments.  Channel 27 is Heidi’s You tube channel where she features a wealth of esoteric topics . She frequently hosts an array of high caliber guests  and engages in deep discussions. She even features free live readings on a weekly basis, There is no place that she will not venture, no discussion she will shy away from. It is her nature to shine light on that which is hidden, for the sake of healing and rebirth. Heidi prides herself for her ability to handle the most sensitive and intimate issues, her compassion is tangible. Through Vedic astrology, she has managed to decode an entire language of the stars and through her experience has found a formula of which to garner fabulous results. She has experienced first hand the power and accuracy of Vedic Astrology and the effects that it can have if acknowledged and applied. 

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